HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Centre is the largest exhibition and conference management company in Hungary. Its events have been significant for decades in the country and across the Central and Eastern European region. With many self-organized exhibitions and large guest events each year HUNGEXPO retains its role as a leader in the exhibition and event industry. HUNGEXPO is an active member of international professional associations such as AIPC, ICCA, UFI and CEFA. In the 36-hectare landscaped area of HUNGEXPO there are 3 entry halls, a new congress centre, 7 expo/event halls, offices, warehouses, a new built kitchen and 6 parking spaces. The site can be entered through 7 gates/entrances. In case of parallel events, the area can be well sectioned, providing fully separate access and transport paths for the various events.  In size, complexity and service level the brand new Congress Centre is Hungary's premier, high-capacity conference centre. The building offers a total of 15 000 m2 event space on 3 levels. Escalators and elevators provide convenient guest flow between floors. Car-size freight elevators help event logistics. The Congress Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology. Thanks to the unique Gala Venue Seating System, the plenary can quickly and easily be transformed from theatre to any type of set-up. In addition to the plenary room, there is a 1 000 m2 spacious reception hall, a 2 500 m2 flexible exhibition area, more than 30 section rooms in various sizes and a 2 350 m2 terrace for outdoor events.